Our Services

"Our son was a resident at Choose Aftercare for two years.  During that time, he became a more responsible person and better decision maker.  He was able to be employed which gave him some independence and pride in his work.  He is now living in his own house, married and doing well.  We believe that this program definitely benefitted him and relieved us of anxiety over his situation.  We feel blessed to have had this program available."  - Jerry and Louise

Do you need services?

If you are a man interested in becoming a resident or if you are a referring agency looking to place someone in our program, please download and submit our referral form.

Support Men in Our Program 

Choose Aftercare is fully supported by individuals, churches and organizations. We are a Christian-based organization and receive no government or city funding. We rely on our generous donors to continue our mission. The need for our services in the Chippewa Valley is great. Please help support our work and directly impact the lives of men in our program.

Choose Aftercare is changing lives in the Chippewa Valley by providing transitional housing, support and empowerment to men with histories of incarceration, homelessness and addiction. Our mission is to provide safe housing and supportive services to men as they reintegrate into our community. Not only do the individuals we serve receive critical resources to rebuild their lives, but our community also benefits. Residents in our program:

  • Avoid homelessness
  • Obtain employment
  • Reconnect with families 
  • Receive support to overcome substance abuse, education and job placement challenges

How Does Our Program Work?

A large number of men released from jail, prison, and drug/alcohol rehabilitation have no where to go. Many have fractured family relationships, little to no money, and criminal backgrounds that make it impossible to find a landlord willing to rent to them. Choose Aftercare provides life-changing housing and support to assist men as they reintegrate into our community. We accept only non-violent residents and work closely with local probation, parole and treatment organizations to place men into our program. All residents are required to pay rent and are expected to obtain work and/or be involved in productive activity. We enforce a strict drug- and alcohol-free environment. Our services include:

  • Safe, fully furnished and secure housing 
  • Sober environment 
  • Education support and referrals 
  • Assistance in identifying local resources 
  • Employment referrals 
  • Opportunity to earn positive landlord reference 
  • Nutritious food and recipes 
  • Modeling and encouragement for healthy living